How Anthony Used Flexible Dieting and Bodyweight Exercises to Lose Fat After Losing His Leg

For the first part of his life, [Anthony Arvanitakis]( didn’t have to worry about [getting fat](

He trained for 10 years as a rower and canoeist, even winning his national title two years in a row.


Then the accident changed everything.

Anthony was in a motorcycle crash that destroyed his left leg.

For the next five years, Anthony lost muscle and gained fat. He was depressed and in [pain](

He went through 13 surgeries trying to fix his leg. Every time he thought his leg was better, it would break again.

Eventually, he decided to have it amputated.

Unlike his leg, Anthony didn’t lose his [passion for fitness]( He decided to get back in shape before the surgery. But it wasn’t going to be easy.

### How Anthony Rebuilt His Body


Anthony couldn’t afford a gym at the time, nor could he do many traditional exercises like squats or deadlifts. So he trained at home.

He used bodyweight exercises to [build muscle and strength](, but his diet still needed work. Here’s a video of him working out:

In the past, he could easily stay lean thanks to his training. Now it was much harder.

Anthony read every [diet book]( he could.

Like many people, he found a system that worked… sort of.

“After a lot of research I discovered that a combination of paleo and [intermittent fasting]( did the trick so I got hooked on [eating clean](”

Anthony lost weight, but his diet was making him miserable.

“Suddenly so many foods became evil, cancerous, and poisonous. I remember one day going to the super-market and coming back almost emptyhanded! As crazy as it sounds nothing seemed healthy anymore.”

Then my friend [Andreas Zourdos](, introduced Anthony to more scientific approaches to dieting from people like [Jamie Hale]( and [Lyle McDonald]( The more Anthony learned, the more obvious is became that he didn’t need to be so rigid. In fact, letting himself eat his favorite foods, in moderation, made it easier to get lean.

![Anthony’s Complete Transformation with Flexible Dieting](

### How Flexible Dieting Helped Anthony Finally Get His Body Back

Anthony gradually introduced some of the foods he’d been avoiding back into his diet. He started eating small amounts of [gluten](, sugar, and processed foods, and kept getting leaner.

He was just as healthy, yet he could finally relax about his diet. Despite this, Anthony still wondered if flexible dieting would work over the long-term.

“I wasn’t sure if you could lean-out while eating these foods so I did the following experiment. From about 10 % body fat I ate my way up to a 16-17% a couple of months ago and tried this whole flexible diet approach to see for myself. Result: after 2 months on a slow cut I am around 11-12% and still dropping fat. I think I’ll be back to 10% in a couple of weeks.”



*Anthony, after purposely eating back up to a higher weight, so he could prove to himself that flexible dieting would work in the long-term.*

Not only did Anthony lose fat, he purposely regained weight, and then lost it again. Thanks to flexible dieting, he can now control his body composition.

Anthony ate his favorite foods throughout the diet, including ice cream, cookies, burgers, and fries. “In general though my diet was 80 – 90% based on ‘”clean foods,” he adds. He only started [counting calories]( during the last three weeks of his diet.

This is what he looks like now.


### Flexible Dieting is the Easiest and Most Sustainable Way to Lose Fat

Imagine if I cut off your leg, locked you out of the gym, and said you had to lose 20 pounds. That’s basically what happened to Anthony.

You might think it’s time to really “clean up” your diet. Cut out all sweets. Live on meat and vegetables. Only eat at certain times.

None of that is necessary, or helpful.

Anthony worked hard to get lean. But it was much easier to lose weight when he got rid of most of the restrictions he placed on himself. Flexible dieting helped him lose fat and stay in shape with less effort and anxiety. This is after losing his leg, training at home, and being depressed for years.

Anthony started flexible dieting before my book was available. But, [the book]( saves you from hours of research, months of trial and error, and mental stress.

Anthony liked it too, saying “This is now officially my favorite ”diet” book… These were the best 15 bucks I have ever spent on a diet book…”

Getting lean is never easy, but it’s probably not as hard as you think if you use flexible dieting. If you’d like to buy my book, *Flexible Dieting*, [click here](

P.S. Anthony has also co-authored a book called *[Easy Weight Loss](,* which shares many of the same techniques he used to lose fat. It’s accurate, easy to read, and only $3, so [check it out](


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