Will Barefoot Running Help You Avoid Injuries?

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Injuries suck, plain and simple.

If you’re a runner, you’ll do almost anything to avoid them (except stop running, of course).

Barefoot running is one simple method that many promise could help you prevent injures. Some people claim it’s a near panacea for avoiding aches and pains, while others aren’t quite as sure of its benefits.

In this podcast, you’ll hear from Alex Hutchinson — a world renowned journalist and magazine writer who does the popular “Sweat Science” column for Runner’s World.

Alex breaks down exactly what the science says about barefoot running for injury prevention. At the end, he gives you some practical tips to help you decide whether you should run with shoes or without. He also offers some advice on how you can safely transition to barefoot running if you choose to do so.

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Show Notes

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Does Barefoot Running Strengthen Your Feet?” by Alex Hutchinson

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