How to Design the Ultimate Glute Training Program

You never skip leg day.

You eat enough calories to build muscle.

Yet your glutes never seem to grow.

You want a larger butt, and your current training program isn’t cutting it. You’re doing the right exercises, but your butt isn’t getting bigger.

That’s going to change after you listen to this interview with Bret Contreras.

Bret Contreras has worked with hundreds of clients from every day fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes. He’s also conducted thousands of unofficial experiments with electromyography on his clients to test what exercises best stimulate the glutes.

In this interview, he’s going to teach you how to setup a program that will help you grow a butt you’re happy with.

You’ll learn…

  • How to select the right exercises to train your glutes.
  • How many sets and reps you should do to build stronger glutes.
  • How many times per week you should train your glutes.
  • How long you should rest between sets of glute exercises.
  • Where to place glute exercises within your workouts.

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